How to Make a YouTube Video - And How to Drive Traffic to It

Have you ever wanted to show yourself to the world? Have you ever wanted the rest of the world to see what you look like and how you speak, and as if you're directly talking to them? Would you like to feel famous and well known? Maybe you would like to share your opinion on something or to provide information to the world.You can, on a website called YouTube! And it's easy too!This article will show several steps on how to create a video and upload it onto YouTube.Step 1 - Getting the right video editing software (optional)If you'd like to communicate your message more efficiently on YouTube, I recommend that you purchase a video-editing software. Yes, you can take a "selfie" video of yourself on your smartphone and then upload it to YouTube for free, but your video may be a little shaky and garbled at times. Besides, a lot of these software applications make it very easy to upload your video to YouTube. Plus, you can also use the software to create some special effects for your video.Prices for the software can be anywhere from $30 - $200 or more. There's also "FREE" software that you can download, but be warned; most free software has extreme limitations on what you can do. If you're unsure of what software to buy, I recommend that you go to your nearest computer store such as "Best Buys", and ask one of the workers there which software they think is the best. You can also go to "Google" and type in "Best Video-editing software" and see what you find.Once you do get your software DVD, just insert the DVD into the DVD player and the program should easily walk you through. Or if you download the software, just follow the directions and you'll be fine.Well done! You're on your way to making videos!Step 2- Buying a WebcamA webcam is a device that lets you record yourself, and also communicate with other people online. But webcams can also record videos that you can then store onto your computer. Furthermore, webcams are great for a better video, because you can put your webcam right on top of your computer monitor, and then record your video while you sit down comfortably. This will allow you to present a less shaky and more stable video.