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Make Prostitution legal: One of an 8 part Post by Bangladeshi working girls in London

Part 4:

Why would someone married visit a prostitute and pay for sex when their partner is available at home?… Why would someone single purchase sex when they can be with a partner who is more than happy and willing to engage in this most intimate of acts?…

The December to January 2008-2009 issue of Scientific American Mind, a magazine published by Scientific American, contained a post trying to answer the question why men visited sex workers, Various studies cited in the article estimate that the percentage of men worldwide that frequently visit hookers ranges probably from 16 to 39% and those men cut across all racial, economic social class and age lines. One recent example was that of the former governor of New York State who was married with children. In other words, from truck drivers to teachers, politicians, doctors, lawyers and even law enforcement officials, people visit sex workers

. One of Baroness Thatcher's favourirte think-tanks claims that the sex trade should be fully decriminalised because feminism has left modern men starved of sex, a controversial newspaper published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) calls for Britain’s prostitution laws to be scrapped, insisting it is “inevitable” that men will resort to paying for sex as women become more empowered through participation in the workplace, The paper by the outspoken sociologist and author Dr Catherine Hakim claims that men effectively have twice as much sexual desire as women but that it is no longer being met at home.

Research has shown that some folks in the society will want sexual intimacy from a hooker for one reason or the other, sexually active single men and women with no sexual partner, men and women with a higher sex drive than their partner can provide, people that have sexual desires they are not comfortable sharing in their relationship, people that do not want to be in a relationship but need sex with no strings attached or even people that simply need sex to boost their ego. The fact is that hookers are useful in a society whichaver way you see it and officially legalising and controlling it like any other trade would take some of the stigma away from it. Social scientists accept that rape would be on the increase if there were no hookers to comfortably cater for these sexual needs that are very real.

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